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Iceskating T1D Meet-Up Cockburn, WA

When: Sunday, 28 May 2023 1-3pm
Where: Cockburn Ice Arena
401 Progress Dr, Bibra Lake

Cost: Free for Parents & T1D children
Siblings of T1D child must pay seperate

VIC Bounce T1D Meet-Up Sold Out

When: Sunday, 28 May 2023
Where: Bounce, Hangar 4, 236 Wirraway Road, Essendon Fields 

We are now sold out but click below to get information on the waitlist

Breathe: for parents of teenagers

Are you the parent of a teenager who lives with type 1 diabetes? You’re invited to join us for our free mental health series, ‘Breathe’, in June. Learn valuable tips to help strengthen your relationship and guide them through the years ahead.  

JDRF's Private Facebook groups

JDRF has created safe spaces on Facebook to connect people in the T1D community with others who are in a similar position. Whether you live with T1D, you're a parent/carer, or a relative or friend, we have a group to support you. 

Join free online discussions

Sign up for our 'Breathe' series, for parents and carers of kids and teens living with type 1 diabetes, and our 'Let's Talk T1D' chats, which each focus on a different aspect of life with T1D. These practical, helpful online discussions are free.  

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Download free guides and books that are packed with practical tips and advice on living with with T1D. Written for parents and carers, teenagers, and adults living with T1D, you can find a resource to help you.

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