Fundraise and JUMP for JDRF

Join the JDRF JUMP Fundraise Challenge on 19th March. Raising $1500 for life-saving type 1 diabetes research, you will also partake in an incredible tandem skydive near you! 

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$162,577 raised

$150,000 Goal

$162,577 raised

$150,000 Goal

Devoted Mum and daughter take to the skies!

Mum and daughter duo are taking their fundraising efforts to new heights - quite literally! Read Tania's story on how her dedication towards finding a cure for type 1 diabetes has led her and her daughter to take a leap of faith in support of JDRF research.

Ready to take the plunge? It's simple...

Are you looking for an exhilarating experience to fundraise and help support the lives of people with type 1 diabetes? We have found it. On March 19th you will be able to take part in a tandem skydive at one of our JDRF’s partners skydive locations. 

What is included in your $1500 fundraising goal?

  • It will be a 15,000 FT tandem skydive (dependent on location).
  • You will be jumping a highly experienced instructor, ensuring you are comfortable at all times.
  • Training is included to jump confidently.
  • Video and still photos are included in a package for everyone involved.
  • You will receive a certificate to momentum this wonderful experience.

What’s next?

  1. Register: Choose to register as an individual or within a team.
  2. Fundraise: Share your fundraising page with your friends, family and colleagues to raise the minimum target of $1500. Once you reach the fundraising target, your local JDRF team member will contact you to book your JUMP time. 
  3. Jump: Join your fellow JUMPers as JDRF takes over the sky at your local partner venue on 19th March 2023. 

Check our Resources page for more fundraising help and find a list of locations listed in our FAQs.

Funds raised all help support T1D research. Register now to lock in your spot and help us turn #typeonetotypenone!

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support Ben supporting jdrf

Ben Fordham is taking to the skies and supporting the 2023 JDRF sky diving campaign. Support Ben or others who are taking up the challenge and help improve the lives of the 130, 000+ people who are living with T1D in Australia.

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Thanks to our Jump For JDRF supporters

Jump for JDRF FAQs

What dates and locations are available to skydive? 

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Skydive Australia:

  • Cairns  
  • Newcastle
  • Noosa
  • Wollongong
  • Rockingham 
  • St Kilda 
  • Wollongong
  • Yarra Valley

Coastal Skydive:

  • Semaphore Beach 

Skydive OZ:

  • Moruya 

JDRF's JUMP Day is 19th March, 2023. If you can't attend a JUMP location on that date, you can be given a voucher instead.

What about the weather? 

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As skydiving is dependent on safe weather conditions, your jump can only be confirmed on the morning of event day. If an event has to be cancelled, we will either re-schedule to a later date, or provide you with a voucher so you can jump at a time of your own choosing.

Is there an age limit? 

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You must be over the age of 16 and otherwise considered fit and healthy. If under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must be present on the day of the jump.

How long will it take? 

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Typically the whole experience will be 2 - 3 hours, please allow up to 5 hours in case of weather or aviation delays. 

What is included in my skydive? 

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The whole adrenalin-filled experience! Includes tandem skydive from up to 15,000ft, video package and personal certificate of achievement from JDRF.

Our Australian venues also include a 3 month membership with APF (Australian Parachute Federation).

We will also provide you with a JDRF Blue Army T.shirt. 

Are donations tax-deductible?

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Yes, all donations over $2 in value are tax-deductible.

What about the paperwork? 

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You will be provided with a liability waiver from the venue outlining the terms and conditions for your skydive. This is a contract between you and the skydive organisation. Please review all clauses when deciding if this activity is right for you. 

JDRF will cover the costs for SkyDive Australia's personal insurance. 

How can I fundraise? 

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There’s so many different ways! Most people start by sharing their personal page on social media or via email – but don’t forget to personalise your page first! You can also try more creative methods, and we have some fun ideas, resources, templates and tips online. See them here.

Do I get anything else? 

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You will receive a free blue army pack with a Tshirt at your jump day!

Along the way you'll also get:

  • Resources and tools
    You'll get access to an awesome range of Blue Army resources and tools for your fundraiser!
  • Fundraising page
    A personal fundraising page to personalise and share with your friends and family.

  • Coaching & Support
    You'll receive personal support and guidance from the JDRF team.

Is there a weight limit to skydiving? 

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Weight is an important factor in Skydiving and Aviation. There may be additional surcharges these will be covered by JDRF.