If you have other questions you’d like to ask, send us an email at type1challenge@gmail.com

How can I make a donation?

Donations can be made by clicking on the donate button at the top of this page, and then selecting the Rider Profile you'd like to allocate your donation to.

If you would like to make a donation as a corporate sponsor, please contact us at type1challenge@gmail.com and we can arrange for a Tax Invoice to be issued.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, all donations over $2 are tax deductible. A receipt will be issued by Funraisin via email for all donations made via the website.

What is the minimum fundraising target for riders?

All riders must raise a minimum of $4000 in fundraising and/or sponsorships. Any corporate sponsors can be recognised with the display of their logo on the Type 1 Challenge website, cycling kit and select social platforms.

Where does the money I raise go?

Your fundraising dollars allow JDRF to fund life-changing research, helping to lessen the everyday burden of T1D and, ultimately, create a world where it no longer exists – a world where type one has become type none.

Find out more about JDRF's global type 1 diabetes research program here.

Do you have any fundraising tips?

The best ways to exceed fundraising goals is to seek corporate sponsorship from local businesses, or companies that you might deal with regularly. We have a sponsorship proposal pack available to you should you require it. Please get in contact at type1challenge@gmail.com for more information.

Obviously, not everyone will be able to achieve and exceed their fundraising goals in this way, so the next best option is to get creative!

  • Seek donations for a raffle, and sell tickets to your family, friends and workmates. Some businesses may be able to donate goods from their suppliers, others might be able to provide items at cost price.
  • Arrange a casual day at work (maybe with a theme - specific colours, sports, Hawaiian shirt, etc!) and collect a donation from each person participating.
  • Run a community barbecue, such as at Bunnings or your local supermarket. You could approach local businesses (ie. butcher, bakery, supermarket) to ask for donations or a discount for the meat, bread, sauce, etc.
  • Send your donation link out by email, and post on your social media accounts. Don't be afraid to ask for donations - it's actually very rewarding to see how much support you get from your family, friends and work networks, when you explain what you're doing and what you're fundraising for.

How fast do I need to be able to ride?

The peloton will average approximately 27km/h for most sections of the ride. On flatter legs, the average speed may be up around 30km/h. On the hilly sections, it's important that the group stays together for the safety of all riders.

On the large climbs we will ride at our "own pace" and regroup at a safe location at the top of the climb, but for the remainder we need to maintain a tight group.

We've developed a training guide to assist riders with some scope of the level of fitness you will need to ensure you, and the team enjoy the event, and participate safely.

We have created a Strava Club to help monitor everyone's training, and to provide guidance where necessary.

Please contact us at any time at type1challenge@gmail.com if you'd like to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Can I still participate if I'm not based in Melbourne?

Absolutely! Although most of our riders and crew are based in Melbourne, our past riders have also come from Bendigo, Traralgon, Sydney, Brisbane, and even Alice Springs!

Although you’ll need to make your own way to Melbourne ready for the start (and obviously then get yourself home again!), we’ll be able to negotiate some “preferential pricing” for accommodation nearby to the start and finish if you wish to use it.

We’ll also provide support – via the Strava Club – to help you with your training, as well as some friendly banter and lots of kudos along the way.

We will also put you in touch with any riders nearby, and arrange some group rides if possible – the Type 1 Challenge is very much about being an inclusive team event, and we’ll do as much as possible to ensure all participants are supported.

What happens at the finish of the ride?

A family-friendly celebration event is being organised for Saturday afternoon, at the Brighton Yacht Club, to welcome the riders back to Melbourne and the official “finish line”. This is a chance for as many of your family, friends, and sponsors that wish to attend to come down and cheer us in.

Your registration also includes a ticket to the annual JDRF Gala Ball, which is to be held on the Saturday night after our arrival.  This is a fantastic event, and one of JDRF’s major fundraisers for the year, where we can all wind down and celebrate what we’ve achieved over an epic week! 

Extra tickets to the event - for partners, friends, sponsors etc – will be able to be purchased through JDRF.  Please contact us as soon as possible at type1challenge@gmail.com if you'd like to purchase extra tickets, and we can arrange for JDRF to set some aside.