bronwyn alderman

JDRF Blue Hair Challenge

diabetes and living with it

Diabetes type 1 is a terrible disease my husband lives through it day to day and lives the struggles with it he has constant loss of feelings in his legs and feet and has diabetes neuorapathy in his feet which makes It a struggle to do day to day stuff like simple things of going to toilet or getting  dressed and also my mum has lived with type 1 diabetes most of her life I remember  growing up watching her do her needles everyday and the constant bruises on her stomach from them and when she would get cuts they would take forever to heal so fighting this disease it's so important  to me so please help me support type 1 diabetes and fight this disease.

I’m fundraising for JDRF to defeat T1D! My partner and my mum has type 1 diabetes and I see them suffer everyday it's a terrible disease so finding new research is very important to fight these disease for my husband and mum

I’m fundraising for JDRF to defeat T1D! Once I reach my fundraising target to help support vital T1D research, I’ll be dyeing my hair blue.

Type 1 diabetes can strike anyone at any time, and 8 Australians are diagnosed every day. Diagnosis means a 24/7 fight with no break and facing an extra 180 decisions a day to remain safe and healthy.

Please support my challenge and DONATE NOW to help the #JDRFBlueArmy change the lives of Australians living with T1D. Thank you for your support.