David Mast

Type 1 Challenge

Back from Bintan; to misquote the Pussycat Dolls, "bet you wish your shoes were as hot as these"

work of course, training and a little more fund raising before the APR29 event starts ..

More donations came in over nite;

So another pic., from the Thursday morning ride ..

One more pic.,

.. as the donations keep rolling in.

Thanks to you all 

Think I'll add a photo for each donation;

several rolled in today.

Many thanks;

With miles to go before I sleep;

Aiming to keep a solid 300km/week average up between now and the fund raising event. I'm aiming for a minimum of AUD4k, and yes, I have donated a significant amount myself. 

I appreciate your support ..

My Story

To those on this list, I am cycling 1100km over 6 days in the 2019 Type 1 Challenge to turn type one into type none!

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease that can strike at any time. It affects more than 120,000 Australian families, and 7 people are diagnosed every day.

So Iā€™m fundraising for JDRF on the #type1challenge to raise funds for research to cure, prevent and better treat type 1 diabetes.

Please DONATE NOW and support my ride to change the lives of Australians living with T1D.

My goal is to raise a minimum of $4,000, and to prove my commitment, I have donated $1,000 to get this underway.

Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors


David Mast


Phill Calvert

Go Hard and do us proud!


Anthony Mastwyk

Yes your brother with his wyk is happy to chip in for this important and must cure course, this one is for Mum.


Ibm Watson Health Japan

Obviously a good cause; from the IBMJ Watson Health team ..


Glen Mcfarlane

I'd rather pay money for you to do this than to have to do it myself.


Jerome Assauw

Go get 'em tiger


Scott Layton

You sir, are a champion and an inspiration to the rest of us!


Bracka Family

Happy riding from the Bracka’s


Allison Shears


Jason Jameson

Go well Masty ... ride on!


Cathy Cranfield

Go Davo :)


Maree Mastwyk

Well done - peddling your integrity yet again!


Simon Fredrickson

Go well, I would recommend getting in behind Alex's wheel.


Sid Verma

Ride like the wind !


Pascal Allix


Dave Macmunn

I owe you this one Dave. Well done!


Chris Mastwyk

Ride on Masty


John Gillman


Darran Newton

Shame I can’t be there to do it with you - ride on dude


Phil Walsh

A little to keep you on the bike Masty.


Terry Sweeney

Go get 'em!!


Steve Robinson

Go get em man....


Steve Corrie

Good on you Mastie - enjoy!


Wez Jenkins

Keep spinning mate


Vaughan Woods

Go hard mate


Guy Sharon

54=3x18 18 in Hebrew letters is chay חי Which means 'alive' Most donations are a multiple of this number Good luck reaching your goal!


Carinne Bird

Keep Spinning!


Srewart Jamieson

Good luck mate...


Primod Govender

All the best David, ride safely.


Deanne Tindale

Go Davey go!


Brian Renwick

Nice work Masty


Marcus Dawe


Leon Gouletsas

To my mentor and best friend, go hard!


Rosati Wang Accountants

Great effort, from the team at ROSATI WANG


Michael Lappen

Ride like the Wind David :)


Ash Austin

Great work Masty! Look fwd to hearing the stories.


Genevieve Butler


Helen Lyon

Good on you Davey, keep those legs pumping for the cause x


Lola Mast



Grampa Sam

Welcome home - for a good cause!




Karen Blake