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Thank you to everyone that has donated so far - every dollar counts!

Remember to wear blue on Friday 14th May - not only for Josh, but for everyone suffering with Diabetes


I’m fundraising for JDRF to defeat T1D!

I’m fundraising for JDRF to defeat T1D! I’ll be hosting an event and asking for your support to help raise funds for research to cure, prevent and better treat type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes can strike anyone at any time, and 7 Australians are diagnosed every day. Diagnosis means a 24/7 fight with no break and facing an extra 180 decisions a day to remain safe and healthy.

DONATE NOW to help the #JDRFBlueArmy and change the lives of Australians living with T1D. Thank you.

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Stay strong


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You are so amazing


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Great effort 💙


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Jody Musso



Good on you Jody and Josh! We are with you 💙💙


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Hope they do find a cure some day to help people like us. xo


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Love you Jo and Josh!


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Such a brave boy and an amazing mum!


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You & your beautiful family have our support always, hope you reach your goal & beyond xx


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Thanks for morning tea 💙 team Josh 💙


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You are an inspiration! xxx


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Wishing you all the best Josh.


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Lots of love to you Joshy xx


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