Lee Lowe

Three Bridges Run


WOW ... a huge thank you to my sponsors. I chose $420 as a target amount because it represents $20/kilometre. I'm delighted that, with three weeks to go, you wonderful people have already brought our total close to the target amount. Your support is a great encouragement to me, and it will help to spur me on during the event, knowing that I have such good people backing my efforts. xo xo

New Fund-raising Page

At the request of the JDRF, the Three Bridges event organisers have set up new fund-raising pages for the 2019 event participants. For those of us who have already started to fund-raise, we have been transferred to our new pages, but some information may not transfer across properly. So, to be sure that my wonderful donors to date are not overlooked, I want to thank here Dianne Thom and Helen Rubin for their support. The details of their donations and associated comments can be read in the attached screenshot from my old page.

My Story

Living with diabetes can be tough, especially for children and young adults who have Type 1 diabetes. I am running to support Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation because they accelerate breakthroughs to cure, treat and prevent Type 1 diabeted (T1D) and its complications. There is currently no cure and no way of preventing T1D. Six Australians every day receive the life-changing news that they have T1D, most of them children. If you are able, your donation will help with the vital research. Let's turn Type One into Type NONE.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dianne Thom


David & Heather Firth


Barry Clark

Go well Lee


Bev Dunlop

Go well, Lee.


Marley, Violet And Winnie Lowe

Way to go, Elisi! We are super proud of you. And "very excited!!!!!".


Helen Rubin


Alan Lowe

Good luck, Darling. I'm proud of you. xo


Lee Lowe



My friends are having problems with the donation page, so I'm just doing a test donation.