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How can I create or join a Blue Army Aqua Challenge team?

In the third step of the registration process, you can “Create” or “Join” a team. You can either skip over this question if you are joining as an individual, create your own team, or find and join an existing team.


How can I fundraise?

There are so many different ways! Most people start by sharing their personal page on social media or via email – but don’t forget to personalise your page first! You can also try more creative methods, and we have some fun resources and templates available for you to use. See them here.

Where does the fundraising money go?

JDRF is the leading supporter of type 1 diabetes research in the world and has been part of every major breakthrough in T1D research over the last 45 years. Any funds raised for JDRF go towards the most promising, life-changing research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes. Find out more about JDRF’s research here.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes,  all donations over $2 in value are tax deductible.

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Does it cost anything to join the Blue Army Aqua Challenge?

There is no fee to join Blue Army Aqua Challenge but we encourage all participants to reach the $250 fundraising target – either by personal donation or by seeking donations from family, friends, and colleagues. Remember you can also seek matched giving from your corporate organization – contact us to learn more. The more money we raise, the more money we can contribute towards type 1 diabetes research. You can contact us at communications@jdrf.org.au with any questions!

How do I log KMs to my page?

Simply create a free Strava account and connect it with your fundraising page to have KM’s logged automatically!. Or you can manually add your KMs on your page anytime. Sign up for a free Strava account here: https://www.strava.com/

How will I know how I am tracking compared to others?

You can keep an eye on the leaderboards every week where you will see our highest fundraiser and those who have achieved the furthest KMs!