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JDRF is the world’s largest funder of type 1 diabetes (T1D) research and has been involved in every major research breakthrough over the past 45 years. JDRF-funded research has accelerated life-changing breakthroughs for people with type 1 diabetes, dramatically improving the lives of those living with the disease through new treatments, prevention therapies, and continually pursuing our ultimate goal for a cure. Since inception, JDRF Australia has invested more than $280 million into type 1 diabetes research.

In joining the JDRF Blue Army Aqua Challenge you are supporting JDRF to turn research to reality, changing lives for the 120,000 adults and children living with T1D in Australia.

At JDRF Australia we're leading the fight against Type 1 Diabetes by funding research to cure, treat and prevent the disease.

We drive innovation, demand action and stand with everyone facing life with T1D.

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