Go Big Go Blue 

Join the Blue Army by turning your world Blue. Take on an active challenge by swimming in the blue water, colour your hair blue, picnic with Rufus with some blue treats or run through a cloud of blue. 

Turn Type One into Type None by going Blue.  

Blue Hair

Take on the Blue Hair challenge this summer. Shave, spray or dye your hair with your family, friends or even school mates!

I'll go blue

Blue Aqua challenge

Want to take on the Blue? Swim your way to a cure. Register now and share with your friends and family.  

I'll take Aqua

Blue picnic with rufus

Bake some blue cupcakes, blueberry muffins or blue slice. Fundraise by making it a Blue Bake Sale with a picnic with Rufus.  

I'll Bake Blue

Blue Colour Run

JDRF joins Fundraising Australia to create some colour choas. School or workplace bring some blue to your day.  

I'll Run in Blue

How it Works

1. Choose your challenge

Choose your challenge and create your fundraising page to join the JDRF Blue Army

2. Set your goal

Set your fundraising goal and personalise your online fundraising page

3. Fundraise

Share your page and raise funds as a member of the Blue Army to defeat T1DI

When you join us, you'll get...

We're here to help and support you with your challenge as we all want to see a world without type 1 diabetes.

Create your fundraiser now and you'll receive...

  • Resources and tools
    You'll get access to an awesome range of Blue Army resources and tools for your fundraiser!
  • Fundraising page
    A personal fundraising page to personalise and share with your friends and family.

  • Coaching & Support
    You'll receive personal support and guidance from the JDRF team.

  • Free t-shirt
    Raise $100 you'll receive an official JDRF Blue Army t-shirt and cap!

Together, we want to see a world without T1D!

Join the movement