Find an event to help fight T1D!

Find a local fitness event near you. From walks, runs, swims, cycles, triathlons to marathons...there’s no shortage of events to join. Once you’ve entered, create a fundraising page here and send the link to your friends.

Ask to be sponsored for completing the event, or $5 for every km you conquer, or set a target time and ask for $5 for every minute you’re early.

Find an Event

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How it Works

1. Find an Event

Register for your event and follow the prompts to create a fundraising page for JDRF

2. Set your goal

Set your goal and share your page with your family and friends

3. Fundraise

Start training for your event and raise funds to help fight T1D!

Can't find an event near you?

Why not create your own fitness challenge or join one of our JDRF events!

Learn more about your other options here

When you join us, you'll get...

We're here to help and support you with your challenge as we all want to see a world without type 1 diabetes.

Create your fundraiser now and you'll receive...

  • Resources and tools
    You'll get access to an awesome range of Blue Army resources and tools for your fundraiser!
  • Fundraising page
    A personal fundraising page to personalise and share with your friends and family.

  • Coaching & Support
    You'll receive personal support and guidance from the JDRF team.

  • Free t-shirt
    Raise $100 you'll receive an official JDRF Blue Army t-shirt and cap!

Together, we want to see a world without T1D!

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