If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an army to defeat T1D!

At the heart of everything we do at JDRF are the 120,000+ Australians who live with type 1 diabetes and the 2400 children and adults who are newly diagnosed each year.

Our Blue Army extends to people like YOU - those who are in a battle with T1D every day and the families, carers, teachers and friends who fight on your behalf. That's not all, joining the ranks are also the JDRF team, scientists, researchers, diabetes educators, nurses, parliamentarians, volunteers, corporate partners and donors who have accepted the mission to create a world without T1D. The Blue Army is a movement that exists to defeat T1D and we'll keep fighting until we can declare victory over this condition.

Can you join the Blue Army without a T1D connection? Yes, of course! We just need people who are driven to make a difference to the lives of those living with type 1 diabetes.

We are thankful for every one of you. With your support, we can continue to make vital progress towards a world without T1D.

By joining the #JDRFBlueArmy you can help JDRF get closer to our mission to cure, prevent, and treat type 1 diabetes and its complications. Read more about JDRF's work and the research we fund here.

Together, we want to see a world without T1D!

Join the JDRF Blue Army