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I’m fundraising for JDRF to defeat T1D!

On a wintery day in December I went out for a ride- but this day would end differently to others. I found myself in hospital with a significant orthopaedic issue which unfortunately resulted in a complicated recovery. I went from being active to not being able to do much without help. It has been 9+ months of being thankful for the simple thing of being healthy and able to just manage ‘life’.

2020 has been a time of being thankful for what I could do, not focusing on what I couldn’t, thankful for any improvements. 

Thinking of people who one day go from having a functioning internal pancreas, to all of a sudden having to learn how to live again learning how to manage their external pancreas with injections of insulin or a pump, I was reminded how important the job is to help people with type 1 diabetes to maintain a healthy stable glucose levels whilst taking on all the challenges of life.

Just as one day my infection will hopefully have gone and my bone will have fully healed, I want one day for there to be a cure for type 1 diabetes that I can offer my patients.

I decided at the age of 50, that I would make my goal to walk the entire Australian Alpine Walking track from Walhalla to Canberra in March 2021 over 30 days, to raise money for JDRF to fund research into a cure for diabetes, or whatever they felt was the best use of the money.

As well as raising money to complete the walk, I invite people with type 1 diabetes to walk one day, a section of the 35 day hike with me.... or join me for the whole walk if you're as mad as I am :-). The walk starts March 6 2021 from Walhalla, Victoria. You are more than welcome to come for any part of the walk, but will need to be self sufficient and prepared. Perhaps you might want to take this on as your own challenge?

The route is

Six Australians every day receive the life-changing news that they have type 1 diabetes, most of them children. 

Your kind donation ensures that we can provide the best research outcomes for the T1D community in Australia. The more people that know about JDRF, the greater the impact, so please help me by spreading the word and sharing my page with your friends and family. Let’s turn Type One into Type None.

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Robert Brusasco


Chris Peyersen


Jeff And Julia Dalziel

Take care Grant and may you have a tail wind ( not too strong) the whole way


David Charles Crombie

Hi Grant.....a bit late with my response but wanted to support your efforts in raising money to fight Type 1 and also to thank you for your care and attention over the years for our son David. Kind regards David Crombie


Philippe And Amelie

We'll miss you while you are away but know it is for the good of the T1D patients for which you care.


Grant A Cracknell


Gillian And Kerry Mort

Thanks for all you do Grant!!


Annabelle Lamprecht

Go Grant! Such an important cause, all the best Annabelle


Greenslopes Medicolegal


Sam D

A great walk for a great cause! Best wishes from Sam Chris Em and Oscar.


Barbara And Natalia Gill

OUR MENTOR. Just a brilliant Man. Hope there's no SLY FOX on that trail !! Take Care and stay Safe. Cya soon.


Zarina And Iqwal

Best wishes in your walk and for helping to find a cure!


Kowsi Murugappan

All the best with this challenge Grant! Great cause. Hope the wish for Type 1 to Type none is not too far in future. 👍🏼😊


Andrew Harris

Fantastic work, well done reaching your goal.


Paul And Jacquie Horsham

Good luck and enjoy the journey. Paul and Jacquie Horsham 😊


Geraldine Forsyth

Happy to see you have nearly achieved your goal Grant.


Ronald Chapman


Terry And Margery Van Der Velde

Don't forget the flares!!


Marcia Crozier

Grant, I am in awe of your determination and perseverance through some really tough times. I hope that this is a time for you as much as for Type 1 diabetes. It is a privilege to work with you. Take care and come home in ONE piece this time.


Jude Hadwen

Great Work Grant!!!!


Mark White & Sue Eddiehausen


Alan White


Andrew Shannon

Best of luck Grant!


Ann Kennedy

Thank you for all you do for those who have diabetes . Hope your leg continues to recover and that your walk is an awesome adventure.


Anthony Lodge

Go for it Grant.


Sharron Anderson

You are amazing!!


Sue Jackson

Grant, you are an ongoing inspiration, and have been from the day I first ran into you while wandering the endless hallways of the Wesley trying to find my son, just diagnosed with T1D, and fortunate to have found himself in your wonderful care. Enjoy your walk!


Jasmin Hutchinson

Good on you Grant! All the best for your walk!


Linda Zanette

Good luck Dr Cracknell, what a tremendous goal to live your passion, thank you from a person living with T1 and an ex CDE. Linda Zanette


Aaron Wilson

Great job Grant!


Leah B-b

Great work Grant!




Meg Stevens

What an amazing effort after what you have been through. A very strong determined and resilient man! Thinking of you, supporting this worthwhile cause! All our love Meg & Pete


Mark Marin

Awesome effort from an awesome doctor. Thanks for everything you do! Enjoy the walk


Michael Hughes

Go you Good Thing


Wil Donaldson

Amazing effort Grant


Colette And Keith North

Crackers all the best on the walk. Great cause. Stay safe and enjoy.


Joanne Anderson

I salute you for your goodness and generosity and courage...and putting it all into action for a mighty cause. Congratulations. Go well,


Dr Mark Taylor

Hope you smash it Grant! Good luck!


Wg Lc


Lynne Linfield


Ian Rickuss




T1d Family

Thanks & blessings for not only being a great doctor & a great bloke but a legend to those living with T1D.


Angela Turner

It is our choices that show what we really are, far more than our abilities.


Elizabeth & Pat Jones

Good luck in achieving this amazing challenge,


Michelle Smith

What a wonderful thing to do in your 50th year of living... I also hope you can one day offer a cure for type 1 diabetes.


Jess Ward & Kristyn Ranson

You are a inspiration to all and an amazing support to your patients, thank you for all that you do.


Ron Cracknell

Good luck Grant. I hope I can catch up with you, no matter how briefly, during the trek. Safe walking especially around Ropers Hut 💪💪


Callum Smith

Happy 50th - Callum and Elana


Mildred Ereno

God Bless u Dr. Cracknell!!


Rachel Shannon Tate And Sophia Kerr

Safe travels to a wonderful doctor and amazing man, your kindness and medical help is legendary and graciously appreciated by my family and I. Thank you for everything.


Mrs Sharyl L Dwyer

We see your smiling face on the poster everyday at work, and wish you well. ❤🙏


Amanda Benvenuti

Well done Grant! What an incredibly generous thing to do!



Great job Dr Cracknell


Caitlin Horsham


David V

As always, sending our love from frosty Canada. You're a trooper Grant...very happy to see you up and about! All the best from D, C, L & M


Meg Maynard

Good luck!


Cass Garratt

Such a brilliant idea Grant! I wish you all the very best on your walk. Wish I could join you with my horse. Take care. Look forward to hearing all about it. Cass


Mark Lavelle

All the very best with this challenge, Grant. Brilliant!!!


Lynda Chandler

Good on you Crackers.


Debby Gould

What a great cause! Thank you for your awareness and your support with working to stabilise David's bgls through challenging times so he can live his best life! I hope your own healing continues, best wishes.


Stuart Hall


Stuart Hall


Emi Nishiyama

We miss u and are thinking about you!!!


Glenn Bailey

Thanks Grant, love your work!


Madeline Kennedy

What a great way to raise funds and awareness - all the best for your walk in the mountains!


Dr Brigid Knight

Enjoy the walk and stay warm!


Rachel Taylor