Go blue with your school or organisatioN!

Help create the blueprint of a world without T1D with your peers!

In celebration of National Diabetes Week (14 - 21 July*), we invite schools and workplaces across Australia to make a colourful impact for the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community by GOING BLUE. Choose a day during this important week to show your support by:

  • Wearing something blue
  • Baking delicious blue treats
  • Creating something blue
  • Decorating your school or office in blue

However you choose to GO BLUE, you are helping to raise awareness of T1D within your community and fund breakthrough research.

*If your child's school is on holidays during National Diabetes Week - they can still get involved by hosting a GO BLUE day during their last week of term!

go blue with your school

14 - 21 July*

Do you have a child living with T1D? Encourage your child's school to host a GO BLUE day this National Diabetes Week (*or during the last week of the school term if they are on holidays!).

go blue with your workplace

14 - 21 July

Are you living with T1D or have a colleague or loved one living with T1D? Show your support this National Diabetes Week by asking your organisation to host a GO BLUE day!

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