Devoted mum and daughter take to the skies!

09 Mar 2023

Tania’s daughter Sara was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) at 12 years old. Since Sara’s diagnosis, Tania has been determined to raise awareness of this condition and make a difference for her daughter and the 130,000+ Aussies living with T1D by supporting life-changing research – even if it means jumping out of a plane to do so!  

Through photos, Tania is able to effectively tell the story of many families who have been impacted by this challenging condition, helping create greater awareness regarding the cause.  

With her and her team’s fundraising efforts combined, Tania Boksmati and The Incredibles have raised almost $9000 for research that can find cures and improve lives for the T1D community. This is an incredible feat, and we spoke to Tania to learn more about why she wanted to take part in Jump for a Cure.

inspiring images of sara for her jump fundraiser

How would you describe JDRF to someone who’s never heard of it?

I always start with what the acronym stands for: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, but I always explain that T1D can happen at any age, so it’s not just a juvenile disease. Then I tell people JDRF was founded by T1D families, over 50 years ago, and is the largest contributor of funding to T1D research in the world! And that Australia’s contribution to T1D research is up there with the world’s best. 

Why you are jumping?

When I received an email from JDRF inviting us to show our support by accepting a skydiving challenge, I knew this was as another wonderful opportunity for me to leap forward and lead by example! It was a ‘no brainer’...I didn’t have to think about it at all...I just said yes! 

Through my fundraising, I’ve reconnected with so many long-lost friends who have embraced me in my most vulnerable state and lifted me beyond conceivable heights, with their love and support! And the greatest gift is that Sara has decided to take the leap of faith... and jump with me!!  

I can’t tell you how happy and grateful I am...thank you JDRF for the opportunity to ‘be the change’ we were looking for... 

sara playing the piano

What would a cure for T1D mean to you and Sara?

A cure for T1D would be like a ‘get out of jail free card’ for Sara...and it would also mean that no-one else would ever have to experience the exhausting daily hyper-vigilance that’s required to manage the ‘unmanageable’, or the constant fear of dropping into a coma while they’re sleeping, as they cannot escape the long term impact that frequent fluctuations of extreme hyper/hypoglycaemic episodes will have on their overall health.  

Yeah, it would mean a lot! 

What do you wish people understood about the meaning behind your photos?

sara wearing ballerina shoes

I hope these few images will give people some insight into the invisible complexities that overlay every aspect of life for someone living with the burden of T1D. These images are a true depiction of Sara’s real life, there is no exaggeration of use...she really does have to drink 3 juice boxes during ballet some nights or overnight after exercise, when she should be resting, because the exercise makes her so hypersensitive to the insulin that she will just keep crashing dangerously low until her insulin sensitivity changes.  

Why should others who might be “sitting on the fence” take part in the Jump?

T1D can strike anyone at any time... And it does! There are currently over 130,000 Australians  living with T1D and it’s growing daily. If you know someone close to you living with T1D, then you’re probably already jumping...if you don’t have that personal connection now, chances are you will in the future. 

You have an opportunity to give 130,000+ people a ‘get out of jail free card’...jump for them, jump for yourself, or jump for your family...if you shift your perspective, it’s just a small step you can take, but it represents such an enormous ‘leap of faith’, that can give much needed hope to so many.

there is still time to jump

Tania demonstrates courage and determination in continuing to strive towards a much-needed cure - an amazing effort that deserves further recognition and admiration! We wanted Tania to share her story, hoping it will inspire you too!  

Aspiring fundraisers shouldn't miss out on this amazing opportunity at JUMP for JDRF taking place on March 19th - join now and help make life-saving changes possible today!